Hints on Assembling Your Electronics Kit:

You will need basic soldering skills to assemble your kit

  • At a minimum each kit will require you to have the following solder tools: 
    • 25Watt to 40Watt soldering iron. 
    • Rosin core flux solder. 
    • Diagonal cutters. 
    • Needle noise pliers. 
  • Install the least tall components of your kit first, starting with resistors for example. 
  • Follow the the printing on the circuit board to determine the reference designator and orientation for each component. 
  • Leads of components such as the resistors  can be formed to fit the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) holes using a pair  of needle noise pliers. 
  • The most common cause of circuit failure is  poor soldering.  To properly solder, briefly heat both the component  lead and PCB pad at the same time allowing solder to melt and flow as  shown in the diagram above.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the markings on polarized  components such as capacitors, integrated circuits, diodes, and LEDs  (Light Emitting Diodes). 
  • Avoid damaging components with static by touching your work surface before picking up any components or assembled circuit board.
  • Integraded circuits are manufactured with the pins slightly  bent away from the dual-inline-package (i.e. pins are in two rows on each side of the package).  it will be easier to install these devices  if you bend the pins by gently pressing each side of pins against a flat surface until they are at a 90 degree angle to the package.
  • After soldering, cut the excess component lead length with diagonal cutters. 

Quick Assembly Demonstration